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Stafford Va, the boyhood home of George Washington, is located just south of the nation’s capital.  Comprised largely of professionals, the County of Stafford is one of the fastest growing in the state.  There’s another type of growth that has taken the Stafford area by storm and that’s roof stains caused by a hardy strain of algae.

At one time, those embarrassing  streaks and stains on roofs were limited to areas much further to the south.  Propagating via spores in the wind and by wildlife, these roof stains are now found as far north as Canada.  It’s now found on many roofs, as noted below on the left:

Roof Cleaning Stafford

It’s often estimated that a large majority of roofs in the mid-Atlantic region are prematurely replaced, solely due to the negative aesthetics of those stains.    At American-ProTech, we have a cost effective solution to restore your curb appeal, by professionally removing those roof stains and streaks from your Stafford roof.  Roof cleaning is accomplished via science and chemistry, and we never use any high pressure devices on shingles.

Our no obligation roof cleaning consultations are free, and we never resort to any high pressure sales tactics.  If you’re looking for a cost effective roof cleaning solution for your Stafford home or business, give the professionals at American-ProTech a call at 571 250 9650.  You can also request a roof cleaning consultation or quote online. 


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