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Roof Cleaning Dallas Ga




Roof Cleaning Dallas GA, satisfaction guaranteed or it’s on us!  Call 678 552 8852 or request a roof cleaning quote online!


“A Premier Hometown” is the motto of Dallas, Georgia because you care about the environment and keeping your hometown charm. Now you can get your roof clean with an eco friendly roof cleaning service. At American-Pro Tech we do NOT use TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) as it’s terrible for the environment and we recycle all solutions used in the process.

 Let us get your roof looking great again with our professional staff and proven technology. We fully guarantee our work and you will be completely satisfied or you get your money back.

Unfortunately, an unsightly roof alga has built up on many homes in Dallas but we are here to help. These algae called cyanobacteria will predominately occur on the northern side but can also spread across your entire roof. We can safely and quickly clean your roof using our NO pressure cleaning system.

Our roof cleaning system will not harm your shingles like pressure washing them will. Leading shingle manufacturers warn against the use of pressure washing because it deteriorates your shingles. We agree and that’s why we use a power wash chemical cleaning solution that guarantees great results without causing any damage.

Roof Cleaning Dallas GA

 Call us today for a free, no pressure consultation and we can answer all your questions about our services. For a fraction of the cost of replacing your roof, we can have your home looking great in Dallas. Increase the curb appeal of your home with a newly cleaned roof because first impressions are lasting ones.

Insurance companies are starting to require a clean roof free of moss and lichen colonies in order for your home to be insured. We can clean your roof before your insurance policy gets cancelled as a result of an insurance inspection. American-Pro Tech will provide you with a formal letter of certification when we treat your roof. While algae stains and streaks are removed instantly with our proven roof cleaning process, moss and lichen have a delayed response to ensure the integrity of your roof.

Call or click today for a free, no hassle consultation where you are guaranteed to always get help from our professional staff using professional equipment for results you can see, every time. We guarantee it!

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