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Selling a home?



Selling a home?  Looking to command top dollar?  Stop and take another look at the various before and after pictures just above.  You must admit that curb appeal is substantially improved once those ugly roof stains are professionally removed.  In fact, for most homes the roof makes up 40% of the field of view on average!

Would you list your home with dirty siding?  Of course not.  Try to sell your car without cleaning it up real well first?  Of course not.  So why list a home with those ugly roof stains?    It’s sales 101, properly eliminate potential objections.

I’m Ted Saunders, the founder of American-ProTech.    My family and I were buying a house in the Atlanta suburbs in 2008.  I noted that every third or fourth house that the agent took us to, had these ugly streaks and stains.  I asked him what they were and he didn’t know.    That settled it for me – I asked him not to show me any more houses that had those stains.  My rationale was simple.  I was not about to spend all of this money on a house, only to put a roof on it right after we closed as I’d assumed the worse case scenario.  It was that event that led to the creation of American-ProTech.  More importantly, I personally experienced the negative bias that those discolored roofs can create.  Now, as  potential buyer, I’d leverage those stains to my advantage.  Big time.

Why risk it?  Why risk loosing a potential buyer that chooses to drive on buy vs stop at the open house.  Why give a savvy would-be buyer the negotiating power with that ‘ugly roof’ when it comes to the contract?  If you don’t hire us, please hire someone to properly take care of those unsightly stains prior to the photo shoot for the MLS, you’ll be glad that you did.

Bundle our professional house services with your roof cleaning and get  even greater savings!   Those gutters look a bit shabby?  9 times out of 1o, our gutter polishing services can make them look like new again.

If you’re going on the market, be sure to mention that when you call or email us for your quote.  We’ll want to get to your roof ASAP, long before that for sale sign gets planted in the front yard!

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