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Roof Cleaning FAQs



Roof Cleaning FAQs:


Is this process safe for my shingles?

Absolutely,  In fact, pressure-free chemical cleaning is the only process approved by the various shingle manufacturers.


But I read somewhere it could dry out my shingles?

This is a complete falsehood, claimed by a company pushing a non-approved method.  If it were bad for the shingles, the likes of GAF, CertainTeed, TAMKO and Owens Corning could not have approved it.


What exactly causes those streaks and dark stains?

More times than not, it’s a blue-green algae (technically a cyanobacteria).


Are the results from American-ProTech’s roof cleaning services instantaneous?

Dark streaks and roof stains caused by algae are long gone before we pull out of your drive way.


Do we need to be home for our roof cleaning appointment?

Not at all.  We simply ask that no cars be in the driveway, that all windows on the home be closed and latched, and that water be available via your exterior spigots. We’ll take care of everything else.


Do you only service the Northern Virginia area and DC suburbs of Maryland?

Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland are our primary service area for roof cleaning.  We also have a branch in Atlanta GA (404) 858 48888. However we don’t rule out travel.   Give us a call  to discuss your roof cleaning needs in other areas.   


Is American-ProTech’s roof cleaning process EPA Clean Water Act compliant?

Absolutely!  We even capture any excess roof cleaning solution and take it away with us for recycling.


Is roof cleaning expensive?

Not at all.  Professional roof cleaning by American-ProTech is typically only 5-10% of what a replacement roof would cost!