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Roof Cleaning Raleigh NC

Saturday, January 13th, 2018
Roof cleaning Raleigh NC

Roof  Cleaning Raleigh NC

Yes, your company could have this advertising space!    To discuss availability and pricing, please submit your inquiry via the quote request submission form typically used for roof cleaning clients.  State within the ‘notes section’ your interest in this landing page and our founder will reach out to you personally.  Imagine the business that you could have if you had the power of this website working for you night and day!

Roof cleaning results in Raleigh NC and the surrounding area like the ones below?  YES!  Results ARE typical with our ARMA complaint roof cleaning methods. Cary NC?  Yes.  Apex NC?  Yep.  Holly Springs.  Yup.  Fuquay Varina too!


Roof Cleaning Raligh NC, roof stains, stain removal


Roof Cleaning Raleigh NC


Roof Cleaning Raliegh NC, Roof Stain Removal



Roof Cleaning Raleigh NC, Roof Stains removal



Roof Cleaning Raleigh NC, Roof stain removal

A mild day in February

Thursday, February 27th, 2014



The month of February has been quite extreme where the weather is concerned, bitter cold and 12 inches of snow one week, and 65 degrees and sunny the following for a day or two.    American-ProTech made the best of the good weather by taking care of a few clients who were about to place their homes on the market.  Whether thinking of selling, or if you’re just concerned about maintaining the curb appeal of your home,  a professional roof cleaning can make all the difference.  Here are the pictures from just the other day.  Dramatic improvements!


WP_20140222_012 WP_20140222_017

Preventing Roof Stains

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Roof Stains – keeping them at bay.


What can I do to keep those stains and streaks from reappearing on my roof? 

We get asked that very question quite often by our clients throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland.    As a service provider and  a business owner, I’d love to be able to offer our customers a long term solution once we’ve cleaned their roof.   And if a solution that worked actually existed, we’d certainly offer it.  The fact is, there’s virtually nothing that can be done.

But what about zinc strips along the ridge?

There are many companies out there that will gladly sell them to you and install them too.  Ask them about a stain free guarantee.  Not a warranty (where they simply pro-rate your fee) but an actual guarantee, in writing.   You won’t get it because zinc strips simply do not work.  Please read on.

Copper strips?

Same thing as with zinc.  They do not work.  Please read on for an explanation.

Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia

Zinc strips - algae on the shingle and the zinc too.

But don’t the shingle manufactures use a copper oxide, or a zinc oxide in the algae resistant shingles that are now offered? 

They certainly do.  And that copper oxide and/or zinc oxide coating is across all of the granules of the shingles encompassing the entire roofing surface.  Therein lies the key –  the zinc and copper is spread uniformly across the roof.  With the strips mentioned previously,   the zinc or copper ions are only effective within a few feet of the strips themselves.    Simply stated, algae will manifest just a few short feet below the zinc strips where there are no zinc or copper ions.

If zinc or copper strips worked, we’d certainly offer that additional service.

Roof cleaning Northern Virginia

More ineffective zinc strips.

OK.  I get it.  So what CAN be done about those embarrassing streaks and stains?  American-ProTech made our roof look great again for a very reasonable fee.  How can I keep it that way?

Short of keeping organic matter off of the roof (leaf litter, limbs etc), there’s nothing that can be done for steep pitched roofs with a heavy northern exposure, or other roofs that are heavily shaded.  A routine, professional cleaning is the only option.  Call us before the stains are horrible again, and we’ll be able to apply a much lighter maintenance coat at a reduced rate.

And when it’s time for a new roof, then Algae Resistant (AR) shingles would be a wise choice.  But they are only algae resistant , and not algae proof, and most manufacturers will only guarantee them to be free of algae stains for 8-10 years.

To understand more about the roof  stains themselves, and why they’ve only started to be a nuisance s of late, please visit this section on roof algae.

Of course no obligation roof cleaning consultations are always an option.  We’ll spend as much time answering your questions as you’d like,  and there’s never any sales pressure.

In Virginia, call 571 250 9650, or from Maryland call 240 398 3800.

We’re American-ProTech, the region’s leading roof cleaning company.

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Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia



Roof Cleaning in Reston

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Roof Cleaning in Reston VA

Roof Cleaning Reston

Welcome to the blog of American-ProTech, the region’s leading roof cleaning company.  Here we often chronicle roof cleaning projects from around the region.  Please have a look around our website and give us a call to discuss restoring your curb appeal with professional, pressure-free roof cleaning.

The home in the photos above is located in the extraordinary master planned City of  Reston.   We received the call from the homeowner in late fall of 2011 and scheduled to clean the roof a few days later.  The initial treatment for this roof was through a layer of frost!  It made for a cold morning yet the end result was incredible as they always are – the roof looked like new again.

American-ProTech has taken the region by storm over the last few years.    Our shingle manufacturer approved cleaning process eliminates the need for premature roof replacement due to aesthetics.  And it is extremely affordable compared to a new roof.  For your Reston Roof Cleaning needs,  give us a call at 571 250 9650.  We’ll answer any and all questions you may have and provide a no obligation quote as well. 

Roof Cleaning Reston

Roof Cleaning Fairfax

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

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Roof Cleaning Fairfax, Fairfax County Va.

Welcome to the blog of American-ProTech, TheRoofCleaningCompnay.Com.   Here we’ll document a day’s events often with pictures.  For those researching or considering roof cleaning for your home or business, feel free to look over our website or better yet, give us a call for a no obligation consultation.  We’ll answer and and all questions that you may have as well as provide you with a quote to rid your home of those embarassing streaks and stains.

We were eradicating moss on a roof cleaning project in the heart of Fairfax when a very kind couple paused from their walk to have a look.  We ended up chit chatting a bit.  They had a few questions about our process and then gave us their address from right down the street and asked for a quote as well.

Fast forward about 45 minutes, and we were prepping their home for roof cleaning too.  The man of the house was a retired Navy veteran, and being a vet myself, well lets just say we look after one another  😉   Have a a look at the before and after pictures of their home below:

Roof Cleaning Fairfax

It’s still wet in the after photo, yet the results are quite dramatic – they always are. And aside from removing those unsightly roof stains caused by a form of algae, we also eradicated a rather substantial moss AND lichen colony growing on the right side of his roof.    The latter two biological organisms are quite damaging to shingles, so the homeowner got two very important things accomplished for one reasonable cost:  the curb appeal of this home was improved instantly by eliminating those ugly stains and streaks, and the damage being caused by the lichen and moss was stopped instantly.  The latter will literally  add years of life to that roof.

If your Fairfax home is need of a professional roof cleaning, give us a call.  There’s never any sales pressure.  We’ll simply answer any and all of your questions and present you with facts.  And then if you hire us, we’ll make your roof and your home look great again!

Thanks for visiting our blog.  We hope to hear from you.  Call 571 250 9650 or complete a roof cleaning quote request form.

Roof Cleaning Fairfax

Roof Cleaning in Springfield

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

We recently had the pleasure of restoring a roof on a gem of a home in Springfield VA. This client happened to have been a friend of another client of ours, and both of these great folks had been referred to us by one of the best home inspectors in the region.

This Springfield home presented a great photo opportunity, especially considering it’s Shasta White roof.  They seem to be the most dramatic improvement once we’re done with our roof cleaning services:

Roof Cleaning Springfield


This lovely home literally transformed right in front of our eyes, as the always do.  The difference in curb appeal was amazing.  This homeowner was placing their home on the market, and wanted to command top dollar.  Our services are very reasonable, and in a case such as this Springfield roof cleaning, it was money very well spent.  Although the roof is not new, it looks nearly new again.  And instead of spending thousands of dollars on a new roof solely for aesthetics, American-ProTech cleaned this roof and the fee was measured in hundreds of dollars.  Hundreds of dollars to have such an impact on your home’s curb appeal.    That’s money very well spent.

Whether roof cleaning is something that you’re an expert on, or if you’ve never even contemplated having it done before, give us a call for a no obligation consultation.  We can be reached at 571 250 9650.

Check in on our blog from time to time as we chronicle roof cleaning projects throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Roof Cleaning Springfield







Algae on my roof is caused by……

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Algae on my roof?

We hear it all of the time:

‘I don’t remember seeing those roof stains all over the places back in the eighties’.

‘We never had that on our roof until the last few years.’ 

Frankly, we’ve noticed the same thing.   LOTS of research has revealed some interesting facts that begin to tie together.  It starts off with the composition of the shingles themselves.   Years ago, the major shingle manufacturers used cotton and canvas scrap for the filler material in their asphalt shingles.  These bits of scrap, a bi-product of American’s textile industry, were cheap to obtain.  And once they were coated in an asphalt substance, they made a great filler material for shingles, adding weight, substance and strength to the shingle itself.

With the onset of synthetic textile materials from abroad, and American’s textile industry being largely off-shored,  the once largely available and inexpensive canvas and cotton scrap market dried up.   The shingle manufacturers obviously need another solution for shingle filler material.  They turned to limestone.  After all it was readily available, inexpensive, safe and easy to work with.  Yet there’s one aspect that may not have been considered when that filler material was selected;

Limestone is largely calcium carbonate, and calcium carbonate is a food source of cyanobacteria; also known as algae! 

That’s what had prevented roof stains from algae from getting a foothold on shingles all along, there was no constant source of energy for it.  The limestone filler material quickly changed that, especially on heavily shaded roofs, and roofs with a northern exposure.  In both of these cases, the suns UV rays are less abundant, and moisture from rain, snow and dew tends to dwell for longer periods of time – the perfect habitat for growing algae on a roof top.

That’s where we come in.  American-ProTech is the region’s leading roof cleaning company.  We’ve shot to the forefront in a few short years by providing an incredible service at a very affordable price.  Look over the pictures on our website – all actual clients from the area, then give us a call for a no obligation consultation.  We’ll make your roof look great again, and restore your home’s curb appeal.  Call 571 250 9650571 250 9650 for Virginia, or 240 398 3800240 398 3800 for Maryland.

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Roof Cleaning Waldorf Guarantee






Roof stains defined

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Roof Stains?

Those dark streaks and stains are quite unsightly, but just what exactly causes them?   We’ve heard many theories from home owners and business owners throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia. 

‘I think it’s residue from jet fuel’ said one homeowner who happened to live near the approach at Dulles Airport.

Another thought it was where the ‘tar’ was leaching through the shingles.

Is it mold?  Absolutely not.  Yet you’ll see where some unscrupulous folks would like you to believe that it is though, through misleading marketing material.  Shame on them.  

Frankly speaking, most folks don’t know what it is unless they’ve done some research and even then, one has to wade the the misnomers out there, as there are lots of them.   It’s nothing more than an algae, generically a blue-green algae.  Now to be more specific, this blue-green algae has a scientific name, gloecapsa magma.  Furthermore, it’s technically a cyanobacteria.   That sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it?  

The roofing manufacturers state clearly that stains from this algae are predominately aesthetic.   They are indeed quite unsightly.  Yet there is no need to prematurely replace an otherwise perfectly good roof due solely to roof stains.  The can be safely and properly removed for a small fraction of what a new roof would cost.  A very small fraction.

The important take away here is that pressure washers of any sort should NEVER be used to clean asphalt (aka fiberglass) shingles, never!  Don’t take our word for it, that’s straight from the likes of GAF Elk, CertainTeed and Tamco to name a few.

Instead, those same major shingle manufacturers have mandated a pressure-free, chemical process to rid the shingles of those embarrassing stains and streaks.  And that’s exactly what we at American-ProTech specialize in.  Give us a call and we’ll gladly answer any additional questions you may have as we provide no obligation consultations.  

In our next article, we’ll explain why those ugly roof stains only started to be a nuisance around here in the last decade or two.

Have a look around the website, then give us a call at 571 250 9650.  

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Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia


Roof Cleaning Alexandria

Thursday, December 29th, 2011


Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

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