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Roof stains defined

Roof Stains?

Those dark streaks and stains are quite unsightly, but just what exactly causes them?   We’ve heard many theories from home owners and business owners throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia. 

‘I think it’s residue from jet fuel’ said one homeowner who happened to live near the approach at Dulles Airport.

Another thought it was where the ‘tar’ was leaching through the shingles.

Is it mold?  Absolutely not.  Yet you’ll see where some unscrupulous folks would like you to believe that it is though, through misleading marketing material.  Shame on them.  

Frankly speaking, most folks don’t know what it is unless they’ve done some research and even then, one has to wade the the misnomers out there, as there are lots of them.   It’s nothing more than an algae, generically a blue-green algae.  Now to be more specific, this blue-green algae has a scientific name, gloecapsa magma.  Furthermore, it’s technically a cyanobacteria.   That sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it?  

The roofing manufacturers state clearly that stains from this algae are predominately aesthetic.   They are indeed quite unsightly.  Yet there is no need to prematurely replace an otherwise perfectly good roof due solely to roof stains.  The can be safely and properly removed for a small fraction of what a new roof would cost.  A very small fraction.

The important take away here is that pressure washers of any sort should NEVER be used to clean asphalt (aka fiberglass) shingles, never!  Don’t take our word for it, that’s straight from the likes of GAF Elk, CertainTeed and Tamco to name a few.

Instead, those same major shingle manufacturers have mandated a pressure-free, chemical process to rid the shingles of those embarrassing stains and streaks.  And that’s exactly what we at American-ProTech specialize in.  Give us a call and we’ll gladly answer any additional questions you may have as we provide no obligation consultations.  

In our next article, we’ll explain why those ugly roof stains only started to be a nuisance around here in the last decade or two.

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